Thursday, May 3, 2007

Welcome to LR Translations

This blog is a collection of original translations from the Russian press which were originally published on the Russia blog La Russophobe. Its contents are always expanding and are currently as follows (to read an article, simply click its link; to scroll and browse, open the blog archive for February in the sidebar; to search the contents, use the search window at the top [to return whole posts] or bottom [to return headlines] of the page):


By Topic

Neo-Soviet Crackdown (human rights, civil rights)
Russian Mindset (culture, attitudes)
Historical-Philosophical Analysis
Economic Performance
By Russian Publication

Novaya Gazeta
Yezhedevny Zhurnal
By Russian Author
Danilin, Pavel
Gazmanov, Oleg
Gevorkan, Natalia
Golts, Alexander
Illarionov, Andrei
Kiselyov, Yevegeny
Korolkov, Igor
Latynina, Yulia
Milshtyn, Ilya
Nossik, Anton
Osobstov, Alexander
Podrabinek, Alexander
Polyanskaya, Anna
Radzikhovskiy, Leonid
Sidorov, Nicholai
Svanidze, Nikolai
By Translator

Original Translator

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